.Shirley Jean Rickert Measures was in the Our Gang/Little Rascals series in 1935.


I just want to repeat the info from the Home Page about the two appearances I'm making this Spring.


I'll be hitting the road again - on April 25nd I'll be at the Sons of the Desert's "Two Tars"   banquet at
the Cannstatter Club in Philly and on Saturday April 26 - I'll be riding in Doo Dah
Parade in Ocean City.

In June I'll be flying off to Memphis for the "Memphis Film Festival" at the Holiday Inn Select.  The show runs from June 12th to the 14th and you can get more info at www.memphisfilmfestival.com and I'm listed as Shirley Jean Rickert.

Hope I get to meet some of you at either event.


 page updated :  Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hi There

I've just started a new career.  I guess you should start a new career about every 25 years - at least that's what I've done.  Sure does keep you on your toes.

Anyway, my oldest grandsons fiancée and her partner have just opened a charming shop in Malta, New York.  For those of you who don't know where Malta, NY is - and that would be about 99% of those reading this - it's just below Saratoga, New York.  Uh huh, the Saratoga that has the race track and had a movie, Saratoga Trunk, made about it.

It's a combination Craft Consignment shop and Pet Grooming.  The reaction I get the most when I tell people about the shop is, "Oh......Yes.  That's interesting."  And darned if it doesn't work.

I have my own section set up with my sewing machine, cutting table, etc. so I can continue with my quilt designing and creating unusual things.  I've already received a commission to make dog beds for show dogs.  Cookieland Pointers of Ballston Spa have ordered the pets to be used at shows.  This is a picture of the first one.

This one is for Daisy and there are more on the drawing board.

Keyrings.jpg (130682 bytes)

I've also done some quilt block keyrings -



Click the key ring picture and the candle holder photos to see them enlarged

SJ bowl 4.jpg (91403 bytes)        SJ candle holder 2.jpg (54599 bytes)      SJ bowl 3.jpg (88876 bytes)

       These are candle holders I've been working on, both for personal pleasure or gift giving.

A Christmas Tree Skirt I make to order Tree skirt 1.jpg (64986 bytes) in any choice of colors - Tree skirt blu.jpg (57311 bytes) [click for larger photo]


and Rag Edge quilts that can be ordered in any colors and size

Rag quilt.jpg (80684 bytes)             Rag edge - 1.jpg (67748 bytes)


This is the link to the shop, Created With Love:


If any of you are in the Saratoga area please let me know and I will be happy to meet you at the shop. I would love to meet you in person and I'll have my pictures available there.

All my photos and films were lost in the fire but a great many of them have been replaced by you nice people.  I've been able to scan them and am now printing them myself and it would be difficult for me tell all of you how much I appreciate your help. 

My address book was also lost.  If you want to contact me write to me at:


I'll be doing some traveling this spring.  In April I'll be with the Two Tars Tent (Sons of the Desert) in Philadelphia and June I'll be at the Memphis Film Festival.  You can get more info about that at


Hope I get a chance to meet you somewhere or other.

Shirley Jean

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