Little Rascals : The Life and Times of Our Gang
When originally published in 1977 as Our Gang, this book sold over 52,000 copies. This new edition, with an extensive amount of fresh material, will prove irresistible to all fans of the most popular film series of all time. Includes updated biographical entries on the cast and crew and complete entries on every single film, with story synopses, production credits, cast lists, critiques, and more. 397 photographs. 
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Hollywood's Children :
An Inside Account of the Child Star Era
Good reading, not just for film buffs only! Diana Serra Cary gives a rare, revealing glimpse into the world of early child film stars. 

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Burma-Shave : The Rhymes, the Signs, the Times

For thirty years, the series of six signs posted along roadways were an icon of American life. The little jingles that touted a brushless shaving cream entertained travelers across the country.   Take a trip down memory lane with this book and discover not only all the Burma- Shave rhymes ever erected on signs, but a bunch that weren't, as well as those the Odell family thought unseemly. This book also tells reader stories and experiences with the Burma-Shave signs.  Click here to order for $14.95.

The Verse by the Side of the Road : The Story of the Burma-Shave Signs and Jingles

The combination of clever verse and brilliant exposition -- stretching along the wide-open road until the punch line could be delivered -- is unlike any other ad delivery in history.

Author Frank Rowsome, Jr. tells the story of the campaign's creation and life, and provides a listing of all signs from 1927 through 1963.  In between is an amazingly clever collection of poems, including contest winners, shorter signs for smaller displays, spin-off tooth powder and lotion jingles, and regional ads.    Click here to order for $8.26.


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